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No Credit Check Apartments: A Guide

It is difficult to find an apartment that you like and if you have bad credit, it becomes even more difficult. No credit check apartments are even more difficult to find. Finding an apartment is almost like getting a loan from a bank in the sense that just like a lender would want to perform a credit check to find out if you have the means to repay a loan, the landlord or the owner of the apartment would like to know whether you can make the rent or lease payments on time and regularly or not.

Bad credit history? Not a Problem

After looking for the apartment of your dreams for several months it is frustrating to be denied of a place to rent because of bad credit history. If you’re looking for apartments in the wrong places then you are definitely going to hit a dead end when it comes to no credit check apartments. If you are especially worried about bad credit history and if you’re worried that it is going to keep you from getting what you want then, there are other options available to you.

Note, you should check your credit history ANYWAYS just so you know where you stand. You can send in a request via mail for your free credit score as is your right or you can do it in 1 minute online with CreditScorePro.com’s $1 Credit Check trial offer.

The key to getting an apartment with no credit check is to find the landlord who does not do credit checks. This may be a little difficult but there are landlords who indeed rent out apartments without a credit check. These landlords may be new to the business of renting apartments, or they may just not feel that it is important to do a credit check because they have always had good tenants. Your best option is to find a landlord who does not do credit checks.

How do I find a landlord who does not carry out credit checks?

This may bring you to the question as to how you would find a landlord who doesn’t do credit checks. The simplest thing is to start by looking at online classifieds like www.craigslist.org. In the housing section of classifieds like these, you can find apartment owners who advertise rentals which do not require credit checks.

Another place where you can look for apartments with no credit check is the classified sections of your local newspaper. These newspapers usually contain a lot of advertisements and usually they are generalized to specific areas. You can search for apartments for rent based on the area that you looking for.

Another definite place where you can find landlords who do not carry out credit checks are real estate agents. Real estate agents usually have a lot of information about the house owners and if you keep in touch with one of them they will be able to locate an apartment with no credit check.

You may have to pay them a fee to find an apartment, but they may be able to do more for you than you could do for yourself. You may be able to find a much nicer apartment with no credit check with the help of a realtor than you would be able to locate on their own. They would know more of the specifics of what potential landlords are looking for. They would know whether the landlord is running a mom and pop type operation, or whether they are serious about knowing a lot of information about their potential tenants.

Sometimes, these sources may not have information as to whether the landlord requires a credit check or not. In these cases, it is better for you to approach the landlord yourself and then inquire what the criteria are in order to rent an apartment. How can you ask a landlord if they require a credit check without alerting them that you are concerned because of your bad credit? Ask them about the application. You can ask the potential landlord if there is an additional fee for a credit check involved with filling out the application.

The landlord will either say that there is no fee involved with the application because there is no credit check, or they will tell you how much it will cost to do a credit check. Most of the time a landlord will want you to pay the fee for a credit check instead of having to pay it themselves. They may not want to have to purchase a credit check only to find out that you have bad credit and are not an option for becoming a future tenant.

If there if there is a credit check involved then this may not be the right option for you. However, if the landlord does not carry out the credit check, then you may be in luck.

How to avoid a credit check

How can one avoid a credit check if it is required? This may be a question that many people ask themselves if they find a house or an apartment which they really like but do not think they will be able to get it because of bad credit history. In these cases, it would be nice if one could find a way to avoid the credit check completely. Some of the methods in avoiding a credit check include getting a recommendation from a previous owner or someone who has a sound financial position and has dealt with you before. Of course, you would want this recommendation to come from someone who has had a positive experience with you paying on time.

Some of these people may include people like previous landlords, banks, or current and previous employers as well. If you have been on time with all your payments to your previous landlord, he or she will have no problem in issuing a recommendation letter to you. However, if you have not been on time with the payment then getting the recommendation may be a little difficult. Getting a recommendation letter from banks follows the same principle.

In order to get a recommendation letter from your employer or your previous employer all you have to do is ask them. If you have been a good employee with the company, it is certain that you will get a positive recommendation from them. You know who you have good rapport with in the company. Approach that person first and ask for a letter of recommendation. He or she is likely to acquiesce with your request.

And by the way, you really SHOULD know what your credit score is. Certainly, any apartment manager (or lender) who does a credit check will be. Even if you do have bad credit, it’s a good idea to know where you stand, credit-wise. Once you know the damage, you can begin to take steps to repair your credit.  You can check your credit score for $1 or you can go the old fashioned way and send a written letter to the three major credit agencies (Equafax, etc) and request your once a year free credit report. Either way will work.

When not to use a recommendation letter?

Sometimes you may be unduly worried that you may not get the apartment that you are looking for and you may be overenthusiastic to go and get a recommendation letter. In these cases, it would be wise to know if the landlord really requires the credit check or if he’s renting no credit check apartments. If the landlord does not require a credit check and if you and give him a recommendation letter from your past employer are your previous landlord, it may make him unnecessarily suspicious about your financial position.

This is one of the situations where you have to be wise in dealing with the landlord and provide him or her with a recommendation letter only if it is asked for. It is natural for anyone’s suspicion to be aroused when something is done when it’s not necessary. So if you give the landlord a recommendation letter explaining your past financial problems, he may think twice about renting to you.

Get someone to be a ‘guarantee’ the lease

Sometimes, it helps if you can find someone who can co-sign your lease. This is especially helpful if you cosigner has a sound financial history. The only thing to bear in mind however is that if you indeed get evicted for any reason, the landlord can legally go after your cosigner for the value of lease. Although it is helpful for you, it is wise not to use other people’s credit for your own good. And if you indeed end up using somebody else’s credit, be more careful with it than you would with your own.

Bad credit history can leave you paying more!

If you do have a bad credit history and you cannot find another way to deal with that, the last option is that you will have to pay more for the apartment. This amount will be substantially more than what it may actually be worth. If you’re unable to get around the credit check, you might be approved for the apartment if you can pay a higher security deposit for several months of rent before you move into the apartment.

If you do not have a good credit history and you are looking to move to a new place in the near future, it would help if you start saving money and begin looking for a new place as soon as possible. This will make sure that you have the amount necessary to make upfront payments and also the sooner you start looking, the more time you have to prepare. For people with bad credit, landlords may charge double the amount for the security deposit! Of course, you want to try to avoid having your credit report pulled but if necessary, you may have to bite the bullet and accept the higher than desired payment. This may motivate you to improve your credit score so that in the future, you will not be forced to have to go through such a situation again.

Make your credit better

Although you may have bad credit at the moment, it doesn’t mean that you have to have bad credit throughout your life. You can start building your credit by making payments on time and dealing with financial matters wisely. Even though it may be possible for you to work around credit checks and have access to no credit check apartments, it does not necessarily mean that sooner or later with bad credit you will end up paying more than you have to.

Bad credit is bad for everything. You cannot even get a proper loan from the bank if you have bad credit history. Even if you do get a loan from the bank, you will end up paying more on the interest. It is very important to make sure that your credit is back on track as soon as possible. The way to do this is to try and pay off any overdue balances. Get a copy of your credit report so that you can see what is on it. If you take a look at your report and find any inaccuracies make sure that you dispute them. If after an investigation it is found that you truly do not owe the charges on your credit report, you can have the possibility of getting them removed permanently.

Note, that one of the best ways to repair your credit IS to get a credit card (or if you have one, USE it). If you can’t qualify for a credit card because of your credit score (the irony!), then you can still get what’s called a secured credit card. These are cards that you put money down for, the money you put down being your “credit limit.” In a year or so (provided you pay off your credit card every month), your deposit will be returned and the card converted to an unsecured credit card.

The importance of good housing

A place to stay is very important for everyone. Getting access to apartments with no credit checks is more difficult than to get an apartment with credit checks. If you really want to get your dream apartment then you will have to maintain good credit and take off the blemish of bad credit history from your name.

It is true that you can get apartments even with bad credit as was mentioned earlier. If you can get an apartment with no credit check it is good but it is even better if you can find an apartment even with the credit checks.

No credit check apartments are difficult to find in the housing industry. As a result, many people end up paying more towards the lease on the rent. For this reason, it is important to manage finances properly and to make payments on time which will lead to better credit. If you have better credit then it will be very easy to find an apartment that you like. Also, the same apartment will be available for a much cheaper price or rent than it would be available for a person with bad credit history. Most everybody at one point or another faces financial difficulty but during this time managing finances properly or effectively will make sure that you have good credit.

Renting an Apartment with No Credit Check

No credit check apartments are a wonderful thing for a person who has been denied a place to rent by the landlord because of their bad credit score, especially when that person has searched long and hard for that apartment. It’s very depressing to have this sort of thing happen to you, but there is a solution. There is the possibility of being able to rent the apartment you want without having the landlord check your credit score.

When you decide that you would like to move, have your credit report printed out so that you will know what is on it. If there are any mistakes on it, try to get them off of your credit record. After you have fixed any mistake on the credit report, write out an letter for the front of your file that will explain exactly why you have the bad credit. When you start looking for your new apartment, you can present your credit report and the opening letter to the landlord. A no credit check apartment can be just the solution you are looking for, if you are trying to ensure that you can actually get an apartment with poor credit.

You have to remember that those landlords are people as well. It shouldn’t be hard to find a landlord that will understand that you had a rough patch sometime in your life that affected the score of your credit. Many of these landlords will think highly of the fact that you tried to fix the mistakes on your credit report and that you developed a strategy before you began searching for your new apartment. Most will also be impressed with the opening letter. This can really help you secure no credit check apartments.

The main priority of a landlord is to find out if you will pay the rent each and every month. They, of course, would like it if you didn’t have a large dog chewing up the house and if you didn’t have massive parties each weekend. But the main reason they are in this business is for the money. It is an excellent plan to have some kind of way to show that you have some money coming in and can pay the rent every month without fail.

It is also helpful to get a note from your current landlord that says you always pay your rent on time and that it is always a full payment each month. It would also help if they stated that you treated their property well during the time you stayed in their apartment.

If none of these things help, you can offer to provide the landlord in advance the first couple month’s rent. Be sure that you are wearing nice clothes when you are searching for a no credit check apartment. If your appearance is nice, then you will have a better chance of convincing the landlord to give you that new apartment. While there isn’t any such thing as no credit check apartments, you can increase your chance of getting an apartment, even if you have bad credit, by following these helpful tips. There are also agencies on the internet that provide you with lists of no credit check apartments for a small fee, but if you don’t have any other choice, these services may be your best option.