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Can You Rent an Apartment with No Credit Check?

There are many people who have a bad credit history for one reason or another. Most of these people are faced with one question when they’re looking for apartments which require good credit history. Is it possible to find a no credit check apartment? The simplest answer to this question is that there are no credit check apartments. In other words, there are apartments that are available without being subject to any credit checks. This might come as a relief to many people who have bad credit.

No credit check apartment: possible?

Many people are not even aware that the credit history is required while renting an apartment. They have had to realize this the hard way. Many of such applicants are turned down by landlords because of a bad credit history. There are many apartments which are available without any credit checks. But to be able to find these apartments is not always easy. In order to find apartments with no credit check, you have to look for them on online classifieds or local newspapers.

Why do landlords do credit checks for apartments?

Apartments can be similar to loans in a way. When you take a 12 month lease, it’s like taking a loan for 12 months. For example if an apartment is worth $600 a month then you essentially taking a loan of $7200 which you repay over the year. This is quite expensive for the landlord considering the fact that if you make a late payment he would be the loser. If you take a loan for 12 months, if you make a late payment you pay a late fee. In the case of apartments, there are usually no late fees. The only possible outcome if you continue to keep making the payments is that the landlord may evict you from the apartment.

Landlords do credit checks because they want to know that the person whom they lease the apartment to will be able to pay for it. They don’t want to have a tenant who has a history of not paying their rent, or other expenses. Landlords feel that a credit report can save them from this headache.

Good credit is essential

Just like how when you take a loan from the bank you need to have good credit, the same goes for renting an apartment. The landlord will be interested in providing accommodation money for those people who he knows will be able to pay him on time. Consequently, if you have bad credit history the landlord might demand higher rent or a higher upfront payment for a security deposit.

No credit check apartments

This is where no credit check apartments come in. With the case of apartments that do not require credit checks, it is likely that anyone can get a lease to an apartment. So no credit check apartments are definitely available. However, in order to find apartments which do not require credit checks, you might have to work more with respect to searching for these apartments. So, if you have bad credit, do not despair. There is always the chance to find an apartment which does not require a credit check.